The image collector's web spider and search agent for Mac OS X.

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The latest version of NetScrape requires Mac OS 10.3 "Panther" or later. Users of 10.2 can download the previous version here.


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Meet your new best friend.

NetScrape is the image collector's web spider and search agent, and the critical tool you didn't know you were missing.

Yes, it's fast, and you are in the driver's seat.

Top Six Features.

In the time it takes to grab a glass of water, NetScrape is able to hunt down images by spidering a URL or performing a keyword-based search. A clear and intuitive interface guarantees you are underway in no time, and extensive preferences allow power users to flex their muscles. It can multitask, and after a rapid search based on the given criteria, NetScrape prepares a slideshow, providing you with a quick and comprehensive glance at the discovered images.

News flash: has pictures
of fake lifeguards.

It has spider sense.

Just give NetScrape a URL and it will begin its relentless pursuit of images. To further narrow the search, users can specify the image type and file size in the preferences menu, and may also tell NetScrape to stay onsite or wander the web as it encounters new links. Provided with these directions, it will chew through pages and pages of content, all while you chew through a bagel.

"george bush monkey" is entertaining, but
please use Google ™ safe search for "bill clinton".

Google on autopilot.

Keyword searches utilize Google™ Image Search to find the images you are after. NetScrape goes one better, however - it does the looking while you catch up on your email. It retrieves full size images and presents them in an easily browsed format. Need a new haircut? Type your favorite celeb's name and you are on your way. Making a birthday card? Type your favorite animal (for laughs) or flower (to say you care). And if you need a laugh...

Mom's apple pie is a piece of cake.

The Zen of Mac.

Macs are easy to use: everyone knows that. Sticking to that script, NetScrape creates a flawless and one-of-a-kind user experience - simply enter a URL or some keywords, hit return and wait for the images to come pouring in.

Have it your way.

NetScrape's preferences allow users to specify various filtering options such as minimum image size, image type, safe Google™ search and more. Users can also choose where NetScrape stores images on their hardrives and even make sure files are clearly represented with a thumbnail icon a la Photoshop. Power tools for the power user.


Juggles many tasks with ease.

As busy as you are.

NetScrape can simultaneously perform as many tasks as it’s given. Multiple sessions can, at the same time, be performing searches, URL scrapes, or even running through folders on your hard drive, via "Open..." in the "File" menu. Like life, the more you give it, the more you get back in return.

The cube you know and love.

Show Time.

After all that hard work (by NetScrape - it was easy for you, remember?), you deserve to kick back and bask in the glory of all those images you tracked down. Fire up the slideshow and you are set. It comes with dissolve, cube, and flip transitions, and all the features you'd expect.